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Difference of Concrete Stamping and Stamped Overlay

Difference of Concrete Stamping and Stamped Overlay

Between concrete stamping and stamped overlay, which is the better fit for you. What’s the difference between the two? There are numerous decorative concrete options in the market today, that property owners are torn between which one works best for their construction needs.


Normally, concrete surfaces are expected to be durable enough to last several dozen years without the need for repair. The longevity of concrete is a good thing as it cuts the long-term costs of repairs or even replacements. However, as sweet as that may sound, there is also a downside to long-lasting concrete surfaces because it means you have to be fixated on a particular texture or design that may be a nag to you.

The disadvantages that come with the costs of constructing durable concrete make it vital to understand your options. At Alamo Concrete Work, we do our best to duly advise our customers on what solutions to make when it comes to concrete surfaces.


What is Concrete Stamping?

The amazing designs and textures you see on concrete surfaces are created by concrete stamping. Through this method, special mats are used in making textures and patterns in fresh concrete. The outcome of this method creates the natural appearance of wood, brick, slate or stone on concrete surfaces. Concrete stamping adds glamor and beauty to a concrete surface piquing interest on what would have been otherwise a dull and boring surface.

What is a Stamped Overlay?

As with concrete stamping, a stamped overlay is a method for creating beautiful designs, textures and patterns on concrete surfaces. The methodology for creating these desired outcomes is however differs from that of concrete stamping. For stamped overlay, stamping is done to an already laid overly as opposed to concrete stamping where a stamp is applied on concrete laid freshly. A thin coat of a unique concrete product is applied to a concrete surface, thereby forming a stamped overlay.

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What’s the Best Way to Approach Your Project?

If your project involves an already existing concrete surface that required redesigning, stamped overlays are the best option for you. All that is required is that the concrete surface’s structure is sound for an overly to be applied to give your surface a new look and design it to your prefered pattern and texture. In any case, your concrete surface has cracks or is structurally unsound, it will require repairs before the project commences.


In worse cases, the concrete surface may be damaged beyond repair. As such, a complete replacement will need to be made before going further with your project. Furthermore, there may be some other sections or patches where there’s no concrete surface already installed. A concrete surface should be made in these sections beforehand. Both in these cases, concrete stamping is the better option of the two.

Whether you’re looking forward to installing a brand new concrete surface or uplift an already existing concrete patio, walkway, deck or floor, Alamo Concrete Work can help you reach your desired goal. If you desire for your concrete surface to look unique and elegant, contact Alamo Concrete Work for a free quotation and further guidance. Dial us @ (210) 934-5565.