Top-rated and Simple Steps on How to Maintain the Concrete

Top-rated and Simple Steps on How to Maintain the Concrete

Generally, concrete is a long-lasting, durable product without the maintenance. However, if you want to maintain your concrete beauty and extend its life, you should appropriately maintain it. Besides, the proper maintenance of your concrete protects someone from investment in concrete, especially for some who have taken the initiative and incurred the cost of pouring decorative.

In essence, you will come across many tips and ways for maintaining your concrete, but you need the affordable and best ones. Fortunately, I have deep-researched and came up with top-rated and simple concrete care tips for you.

1. Clean the concrete

Cleaning your specific concrete driveway often is among the best measures for keeping it looking attractive. So, ensure you clean your concrete surfaces right of debris and spills to typically minimize the staining or other related damage. However, the cleaning method and how often you clean will rely on the weather conditions your concrete is exposed to as well as the specific amount of vehicle traffic it eventually receives.


2. Apply the sealer

October or September is ideal months for applying a concrete sealer. Ensure the concrete is dry while sealer should be applied using a paint roller or preferably sprayed with a specialized pump sprayer. The sealer will minimize the moisture amount that typically penetrates the concrete to reduce freeze damage, mainly if your concrete is most vulnerable or new. Further, you need to reseal your concrete again on the second winter, and after this second sealing, you can have by recoating each year based on wear and conditions.


3. Avoid utilizing the deicing chemicals.

When you utilize deicing chemicals during winter may cause concrete surface damage. And this can be spalling and scaling caused by forcing the refreezing and thawing of moisture. Generally, all products containing ammonium sulphates and ammonium nitrates are most harmful because they tested and approved, attacking your concrete chemically. Overall, avoid using any deicers on first winter seasons right after driveways placement; this is because new concrete is more susceptible to destructive effects of salt.


4. Remove stains instantly

It helpful when you consider removing the gasoline, grease oil and other related spills immediately; regardless of that, the sealer aids in protecting your concrete from stain absorption. And if your concrete tends to discolor, use approved cleaning chemicals and pressure-washing to remove stains. Overall, you can get the best and appropriate products and methods for stain removal on Google.

5. Crack repair

Crack repairing is one of the best tips when you ask me how to take care of new concrete. And repairing concrete surfaces is a more effective and efficient process thanks to this advanced technology. The repair materials and adhesives allow you to carry superior quality work avoiding the requirement to eventually replace damaged floors or walls.


6. Apply fresh finish

A clean surface is a significant key to appropriately painting or staining concrete. Therefore, before you apply the top stain removal, coat, or other related decorative concrete, pressure and sweep wash your concrete surface. Further, consider recoating each three to five years to effectively protect the entire surface, particularly in special zones such as walkways, driveways and patios.


7. Avoid too much weight on your concrete.

Generally, concrete is much solid and durable; however, domestic concrete pours are not manufactured to hold that much weight. So, it is good to limit the excess weight on some concrete areas such as your driveways since they cannot handle massive weight such as heavy machines, delivery trucks, etc.


The fact that concrete is among the most long-lasting materials, we should take care of them to maintain their durability and beauty. And without further ado, consider the above list of dependable and functional tips for taking care of your concrete. Essentially, for more helpful information about concrete, contact us. We are concrete contractors and have deep experience in maintaining concrete, selling concrete, etc. You can reach us on – (210) 934-5565, and enjoy our best services and prices.